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ProCredit Bank’s EE activities

ProCredit Bank Georgia continues its efforts to establish a sustainable approach to energy efficiency and the environment. Within this framework, the bank has implemented in-house energy and resource efficiency measures, which apply to both the technology used in the institution and the behaviour of staff. The bank has created an “Eco Page” for its employees, which contains relevant information pertaining to ProCredit’s environmental approach and other general environmental issues.
ProCredit Bank pays close attention to the impact of its business activities on the environment. Below you will find a short list of measures taken by ProCredit Bank to make its internal and external activities more environmentally-friendly:

  • Plastic cups are no longer used at the head office, in the branches or at the training centre - The training centre and head office now only use glass cups and the branches use paper cups
  • Special collection boxes for paper - Waste paper is being collected throughout the bank. Special boxes were placed at each Branch/Service Centre/Service Point and on each floor of the head office. The paper is picked up by a company that uses it to produce recycled products
  • Construction and renovation standards - New construction and renovation standards have been introduced within the bank, which forms the basis for ProCredit’s energy saving measures. All equipment and devices have been purchased according to our energy efficiency standards
  • The “Eco Page” was implemented on the intranet – The intranet is regularly accessed by ProCredit Bank Georgia employees. The specially created “Eco Page” contains relevant information related to the bank’s environmental approach and other general issues
  • Come and See” tours – At the request of clients, who frequently asked to visit the new head office, ProCredit offered tours of the new building. Aside from touring the facility and receiving an in-depth explanation of energy efficiency, the evenings were supplemented with an interesting presentation on environmental issues. A buffet was served at the end of the evening
  • For the last three years, ProCredit Bank Georgia has been a partner of the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve. This year, in addition to the financial support offered by the bank, employees visited the area and cleaned hiking routes and donated saddle bags to promote environmentally-friendly transportation by horse
  • Bank employees also planted more than 40 different types of trees in a public garden in the village of Disveli. This is the only garden in the village, which is inhabited by citizens from West Georgia.

As a socially responsible bank, ProCredit Bank not only pays close attention to environmental issues in its daily operations, but is also actively involved in environmental activities.

Below you will find a brief overview of ProCredit Bank’s environmental initiatives:

Eco activity in Disveli  
disveli-1_400_01 At the initiative of and financed by ProCredit Bank, a small public garden was planted in the village of Disveli located in the Bolnisi region...

Support of the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve  
lagodekhi_400 ProCredit Bank has been supporting the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve for three years now and has contributed to the implementation of several projects there...








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