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Project ProArt

Nowadays, it is expensive to put on art exhibitions in Georgia. Moreover, many local painters find it almost impossible to support their families on what they earn from sale of their works, so most of them are forced to give up painting and look for other ways to earn a living. For this reason, Georgia is losing many talented and skilled artists who, if supported, would have continued their creative work and enriched Georgian culture. In order to solve this problem, at least partially, and to promote Georgian art, the decision was made to carry out a project that would allow local painters to exhibit their work in the branches of our bank.

The project was launched on May 15, 2007 on the bank’s eighth anniversary. The exhibitions were arranged both in Tbilisi and in various towns in the different regions in which ProCredit Bank operates. Each exhibition lasted for four weeks. All visitors to the branches were welcome to view the paintings on display, most of which were for sale.

In addition to organizing the exhibitions, the ProCredit Bank also provided other forms of support, including:

Printing services (invitations, posters)
Exhibition services (mounting and display)
Photography services
Over the course of 12 months, 38 exhibitions featuring the works of 38 different artists were arranged throughout the country, and notably, over 100 works by various artists were sold.

As part of the project, the corporate calendars of ProCredit Bank for the years 2008 and 2009 were printed, illustrated with reproductions of the works of artists involved in the project.

A ProArt catalogue was prepared, featuring the reproductions of paintings by the artists who participated in the project, a brief biography of each artist, and contact information. Copies of this catalogue were also provided to those 22 countries in which the ProCredit group operates. This will help to increase awareness of, and interest in, Georgian fine arts in other countries.

Importantly, ProCredit Bank received the support of the Georgian Cultural Development and Support Fund in this project.

ProCredit Bank wishes all of the artists involved in the project, and all of the talented artists working in Georgia whose paintings we were not able to show, every success in their work.

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