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Project – Help the Children

Following the military conflict of August 2008, the bank felt the  urge to support the population in the affected areas.  ProCredit Bank Georgia initiated and financed a project, the aim of which was to help the children affected by the military conflict in Tskhinvali region to overcome their post-traumatic stress: fear, depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. The project commenced just a few days after the ceasefire.

The bank exclusively decided to focus on children, as they were seen as the most vulnerable group. In order not to create additional stress by separating the children from their relatives, the opportunity was given to parents or close relatives to accompany them. The program was designed with the guidance of professional psychologists and included cultural, entertainment and sports activities.

Around 450 children, mainly in the age between 5 and 13, from Tskhinvali region (the area most affected by the military conflict), accompanied by parents spent ten days in a pleasant and peaceful environment at rehabilitation camps arranged at countryside hotels selected by ProCredit Bank in Telavi, Tskneti, Kvesheti and Ureki.

During the program, the bank provided the children and their parents with health insurance, immediate access to the medical assistance, as well as with all necessary items of clothing and hygiene, entertainment material, toys, books and stationery. The project lasted from mid-August, 2008, till June, 2009. 

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