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Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is a modern, safe way to manage and control your bank account. Make transactions faster and easier – at any time from anywhere you have access to the internet!

With Internet Banking services, you can:

Make transfers at a discount of 20-40% less than the fees currently charged in our branches

Save time – carry out banking transactions without coming to the bank

Be flexible – use Internet Banking at any time from any internet connection

Be independent – manage and control your bank account(s) independently

ProCredit Bank offers a standard and full Internet Banking package.

Subscribers to the full package can confirm transactions and operations by SMS code, DigiPass or PCB mobile token.

Type of service    
View all accounts and loans
Review, print or store an account statement for any period
Creation templates for repeated operations
Use search function in templates and statements
View of accessible and blocked amouts
Hiding of balances and accounts
Giving names to accounts
Register of an additional user and assign appropriate access rights
View of responsible person assigned to the clients
View of the bank"s news and tariffs
Using of deposit and loan calculator
Locations of Branches and ATMs
Commercial and official exchange rates of the bank (current/archive)
Searching codes of Georgian and Foreign banks by countries
Communication with the bank (send/recieve information)

Update/change password

TAN (Transaction Authorisation Number) generating method ---
Payments and banking transactions STANDARD PACKAGE FULL PACKAGE
Convert currency
Utility and other payments
View of saved online payments and group payments at the same time
Transfers between own accounts
Transfers to ProCredit Bank ---
Transfers within Georgia (in GEL) ---
Transfers to goverment agencies ---
Make large transfers and import documents ---
Confirmation and transfer of various types of transactions at the same time ---
Registration of services STANDARD PACKAGE FULL PACKAGE
Open deposits and accounts ---
Order plastic cards ---
Add accounts on plastic cards, change main account ---
Registration for SMS ervice and change of package ---
Loan application ---
Credit Line (use and reply) ---
Returning resource on Credit Line ---

    SMS Code Digipas * PCB Mobile Token *
Registration Free Free GEL 30 GEL 10
Monthly service fee Free GEL 5 5 GEL GEL 5
Additional user registration and monthly fee Free Free Free Free
Additional SMS Code / Digipass / Mobile Token registration --- Free GEL 30 GEL 10
Additional "Digipas"/"SMS CODE"/"Mobile Token" monthly service fee --- GEL 1.50 GEL 1.50 GEL 1.50
Limit per transfer --- GEL 10 000 or equivalent amount in foreign currency Without limit Without limit
Limit per day"s transfers --- GEL 20 000 or equivalent amount in foreign currency Without limit Without limit
Generation of transaction authorisation number --- SMS message to a personal mobile phone TAN code generated by DigiPass devide TAN code generated by PCB Mobile Token application
Issuance of a New DigiPass if the old one is lost/damaged --- --- GEL 30 ---

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