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Project ProArt Photography

The ProArt Photography project, which aims to support contemporary Georgian art, is one of the social projects implemented by ProCredit Bank Georgia over the last few years. ProCredit Bank collaborates with  photographers and supports them in exhibiting their works.

Within the framework of the project, the artworks of contemporary photographers living and working in Georgia are displayed at the branches of ProCredit Bank in Tbilisi and regional cities of Georgia. The exhibitions is open for general public view. Around 60 photographers, professionals, beginners and amateurs participate in the project.

The themes for exhibition are the current issues which are important to the Georgian society and related to the activities of ProCredit Bank. The goal of the project is to show the country of Georgia through the eyes of a contemporary photographer. As part of the project, personal and group exhibitions are offered to public on the following themes:

  •  Nature in Georgia
  •  Environmental Pollution in Georgia
  •  Small and Medium Businesses in Georgia
  •  Georgian Agriculture
  •  Children in Georgia
  •  Georgian Culture and Society.

The photo exhibitions at ProCredit Bank branches in various cities and towns of Georgia will last till the end of the year. The project will promote the works of the photographers throughout the country, with the ultimate goal of facilitating and contributing to the further development of this field of art.

At the closure of the project, a photo catalog will be released and given as a souvenir to every participant.

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