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 Why ProCredit? plashka

We are a part of the international ProCredit group, which successfully operates in 22 countries across the world led by ProCredit Holding and supported by newly established ProCredit Bank in Germany. Both ProCredit Holding and ProCredit Bank Germany are supervised by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which underscores the reliability and stability of the ProCredit institutions.

ProCredit Holding aims to provide group-wide strategic guidance to the banks. The holding company has an investment-grade rating (BBB-) from Fitch Ratings. As of the end of 2012, the ProCredit group had an equity base of EUR 503 million and total assets of EUR 5.8 billion.

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented full-service bank. We offer excellent customer service to private individuals and enterprises.

In our operations, we adhere to a number of core principles:
  • we value transparency in our communication with customers
  • we do not promote consumer lending
  • we provide services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on sound financial analysis.
  • This responsible approach to banking allows us to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust.

    In our operations with business clients, we focus on very small, small and medium enterprises, as we are convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contributioimg_579358_400n to the economies in which they operate.

    We are one of the leading banks in Georgia, the "House Bank" for small and medium businesses and private clients, offering a wide range of high-quality banking sevices. We provide secure, fair and transparent savings and banking services to ordinary people who are looking for an affordable bank they can trust.

    ProCredit Bank Georgia was established in 1999 and nowadays has more than 60 branches throughout the country. ProCredit Bank has a “BB” rating from the Fitch Ratings Agency, which is the best and highest possible rating in Georgia.

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