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Credit Card

The ProCredit Bank credit card is an internationally accepted Visa card, which has a credit limit set by the bank.

Credit cards are accepted in Georgia and around the world.
As a ProCredit Bank credit card holder, you have the following benefits: 

  • Up to 36 days interest-free on your credit card repayments

  • No fee for online payments or purchases from POS terminals

  • Keep track of your spending with text alerts

  • Around-the-clock access to your funds from anywhere in the world

ProCredit Bank’s credit card is available to clients who have had a salary account at ProCredit Bank for the last three months or receive a monthly income of at least GEL 1,000.

Important information before applying for a credit card: 

  • Read the credit card conditions carefully before signing the agreement. It is important that you are aware of the fees and interest rates in order to make the right choice.

  • Try to pay back your balance in full every month. This will enable you to take advantage of the 36 day grace period without incurring additional costs.

  • Avoid using your credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs/POS terminals, as fees will apply.

  • Apply for a credit card from one bank only in order to avoid paying fees and interest twice, i.e. by transferring funds from one credit card to another.

  • Avoid making long-term investments with your credit card (e.g. purchasing cars, expensive equipment, etc.). Use your credit balance only if you are sure that you can repay the full amount in a short period of time. 


Credit card conditions
Minimum balance GEL 500
Maximum balance GEL 10,000
Credit card currency GEL
Grace period Maximum 36 days
Full prepayment 0%
Credit card service terms
Validity 3 years
Production price for card1 GEL 60
Cash withdrawal from ProCredit Bank Georgia ATM 3.5%,
min. 3.5 currency units
POS terminals
Cash withdrawal from other banks’ ATMs/POS terminals in Georgia 4 %,
min. 4 currency units
Cash withdrawal from ATMs/POS terminals abroad 4.5%,
min. 4.5 currency units
Card transaction fee Free
Daily limit on the number of ATM transactions2 15 transactions per day
Daily limit on the number of POS terminal/online transactions
Daily withdrawal limit by ATM, Cash-in ATM, ATM Universal + The equivalent of GEL 2,500
Daily card payments limit The equivalent of GEL 15,000
Increase of withdrawal with a card limit  GEL 10 (any amount)
Increase of payment with a card limit  GEL 10
Block card if lost/stolen Free
Inclusion in the international stop-list if lost or stolen3 USD 50

1. The fee for the credit card will be debited from your card account upon execution of the credit card agreement.

2. Transactions include: cash withdrawals, checking the account balance, printing bank statements.

3. A card will be completely blocked after it has been put on the international stop-list.  Cards are added to the international stop-list only once for a period of two weeks, and according to regions (for instance Europe, USA/Canada, Africa).

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