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Home > Individuals > Remote Banking Services > Internet Banking > PCB Mobile Token

PCB Mobile Token

What is PCB Mobile Token?

A PCB Mobile Token generates a one-time TAN (transaction number) which is used to confirm transfers and other transactions over the Internet and through the mobile banking system. The TAN generated is an alternative to DigiPass and SMS TAN and allows you to confirm as many transactions as you want. Private and business clients using the full Internet Banking package can access this PCB Mobile Token generation application from Georgia and abroad without activating roaming.

Activating the application

If you use the full Internet Banking package, download the application from Google Play, App Store or ProCredit Bank"s web site. Request the 10-digit activation code from Internet Banking in enter it into the appropriate field. For final activation, please enter the 4-digit PIN code sent to the e-mail specified in the bank.
If you do not use Internet Banking or you subscribe to the standard Internet Banking package, visit any of our branches and you can activate the full package which includes the PCB Mobile Token application.

Tan Code generation

Open the application and enter your unique PIN code in an appropriate field. One time TAN code will be generated after you have entered your PIN. The generated TAN cannot be used if the PIN is wrong.

Change of PIN code

After registering, you should change the four-digit PIN code issued by the bank. You can change the four-digit PIN if you remember the existing PIN code. To change the PIN code, enter "Settings", select "Change PIN", enter the existing PIN in appropriate fields, then select and confirm the new code.

Adding DigiPass

Several DigiPasses devices can be added to one application. Private individuals and business clients that use Internet Banking can have two DigiPasses in one application. DigiPass can be added from the application"s main menu.

Tips for using the PCB Mobile Token App securely!

  • If you use the Mobile Token App, it is recommended to restrict access to your cell phone by using a PIN lock code which cannot be easily guessed by others (e.g. 1111, 1234 or your year of birth). Do the same when selecting a PIN code for the Mobile Token App. As a security precaution, you should change your password and PIN occasionally.
  • Avoid saving your Internet Banking password and other personal password/identification data in your mobile phone (you can use special secure software to save passwords).
  • Do not use the autofill function provided by the e-mail account which is linked to your Internet Banking account.
  • Delete the bank"s message with a PIN code which you will receive upon activation of the PCB Mobile Token App. 
  • Use the operating system encryption function on your cell phone (if any) and install reliable anti-virus software to ensure that your cell phone is safe.
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