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3D Security

For additional security of online transactions, ProCredit Bank and Visa offer 3D Secure (Three Domain Secure) - service developed in accordance with international standards.

What is 3D Secure?

Visa International Payment System has developed service that is known as "Verified by Visa".

This service requires a unique online identifier – a 3D code – to validate online transactions, thus providing an extra layer of security for online shopping.

3D Secure is an optional* service available on “Verified by VISA” websites. Such websites are identified by the “Verified by VISA” logo on their home page. visa_120

*Optional use of 3D security service depends on web-sites

3D Secure benefits:

• Extra measure of protection against unauthorized online transactions
• 3D Secure requires no special equipment and/or software
• The 3D code is known only to the cardholder
• Online card transactions can be confirmed only by the person who knows the 3D code
• Your 3D code is not known to website owners

Issue of the 3D code

The 3D code is issued to holders of ProCredit Bank"s VISA Classic and VISA Business for online transactions.

The 3D code is activated only once and is used to authorise each online transaction.

3D code registration:

  • Choose the products or services you wish to buy on “Verified by VISA” websites.
  • Go to the purchase page.
  • After entering the card data, you will be automatically redirected to the 3D Secure registration page (see example here). Choose your own 3D Code.
  • A cardholder should submit the following data for registration:

    1. Date of birth
    2. Cardholder ID
    3. Client number issued by the bank*
    4. Card expiry date

*You can find this information by logging into your Internet Banking account, or contact your branch and/or our Call Centre: *2222 or +995 32 220 22 22

  • After providing the data, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your 3D code* (see example here).

*For security reasons, do not use a combination of numbers that is easy to guess, for example, subsequent numbers (1111, 1234) or your birth date.

Online PIN code change

If a 3D code is entered incorrectly three times, the PIN will be blocked.

If your want to change your current 3D code or if your 3D code is forgotten, blocked, please contact our Call Centre at: *2222 or +995 32 220 22 22;

Note: 3D Security registration is not mandatory. Please note that cardholders will not be released from responsibility for all online transactions on “Verified by Visa” websites that were made without confirming a 3D PIN code. The client will not be able to disbute an unauthorized/obtain a refund.


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