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Pay Box Payment System

Pay Boxes located at ProCredit Bank branches and throughout Georgia enable you to pay cash as a private individual into legal entity’s current account in GEL and USD.

Pay Boxes enable you to:

  • Make deposits 24/7
  • Use banking services conveniently without having to submit extra documents and signatures

How to use a Pay Box?

To use a Pay Box, follow these simple steps:

Identification of a depositor

  • Enter personal identification number
  • Enter birth date

Select service

Identification of the organization

Enter account number of the organization

Choose the appropriate account

Deposit money and take pay slip receipt

It is possible to deposit banknotes denominated in GEL and USD.

Please note! Pay Box cannot accept coins of 5,10,20 tetri, 1 and 2 USD banknotes and USD cents.  


General conditions:

  • Maximum number of operations per day carried out for one legal entity via the Pay Box system is not limited
  • Total amount of operations per day carried out for one legal entity is GEL 10 000 for Nova Technology, GEL 14 999 for TBC Pay

Pay Box Deposit Fees
Internal network ProCredit Bank branches

External network Nova Technology 1% of the deposited amount
TBC Pay Up to GEL 250 (equivalent in USD currency): GEL 1
GEL 250.50-500  (equivalent in USD currency)  : GEL 2
GEL 500.50-1000  (equivalent in USD currency)  : GEL 3
GEL 1000.50-1500  (equivalent in USD currency)  : GEL 4


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