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Cards for Business Clients

ProCredit Bank offers three types of cards to its business clients:         

  • Visa Business Classic Plus 
  • Visa Business Classic
  • Deposit Card

Visa Business Cards allow to use current account together with card accountnew

Benefits of a Visa Business Card:

  • Perform your company’s financial transactions

  • Save time and manage your company’s expenses in an efficient way

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs and POS terminals

  • Make online purchases

  • Pay for goods at shops

  • Pay for goods and services in any part of the world

  • Withdraw foreign currencies from ATMs

  • Depositing cash onto a company"s account via cash-in ATMs 24/7 new

Visa Business Classic Plus can be used by authorized persons of a company, for example, Founders, Directors. 

Visa Business Classic can be used by both authorized persons and employees of a company.

The table below provides the main functional differences between Visa Business Classic Plus and Visa Business Classic. 

Operations Visa Business Classic Plus Visa Business Classic
Card account Current account Card account Current account
Cash withdrawal      ---
Cash deposit ---   ---  
Account validation      ---
View the last 12 transactions         ---

Deposit Card is a local card having the feature to deposit cash onto a company"s current account. Cardholders may be the company"s authorized persons, employees and associated third persons, including distributors. Deposit Cards are especially convenient for associated third persons who have to periodically deposit cash onto a company"s account. The Deposit Card holder may be a ProCredit Bank client only.

Advantages of Deposit Card:   

  • Depositing cash onto a company"s account via cash-in ATMs 24/7 
  • Allowing third persons to deposit cash 
  • Possibility to save time and receive comfortable services



Visa Business Card service terms and fees

Deposit Card service terms and fees


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