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Saving money is important

Putting aside a part of your income on a regular basis and accumulating savings and earning interest on them will allow  you to fulfill your future investments.

Everyone can save up

Your income and age do not matter. Even with small earnings you can start saving and receive maximum benefit if you open the deposit at ProCredit Bank.

Keep your savings in a bank

It provides safety and earns you additional interest income.

Choose a bank you trust

  • Consider the bank"s shareholders, international rating and experience
  • Pay attention to the interest accrual method and not only to the interest rate. Keep in mind that every bank can have a different method of accruing interest, which influences your final amount. Be sure to consult a Client Adviser and compare the offered interest rates and accrual methods
  • The right choice of a bank means that your money will be safe at any time and in any situation

We offer the following types of deposits: Term Deposit, Savings Plan, Savings Account, Child Deposit.

To open a deposit you should visit any branch of ProCredit Bank and select a deposit, which best suits your needs. Your passport or ID card will be necessary to open a deposit account. If you choose to open a Child Deposit, a copy of birth certificate is required.

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