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Savings Account

The Savings Account allows you to deposit and withdraw any amount of money at any time and earn high interest.

Advantages of the Savings Account:

  • Flexible access to your money;
  • Access to the deposit account is possible via Internet Banking without having to visit the bank;
  • Savings Account deposit has a favorable method of interest accrual-Interest rate is accrued on a daily account balance with capitalization at the end of every month
  • Minimum initial amount requirement - 300 GEL, 200 USD/EUR;
  • The minimum amount to be accrued with the interest - 300 GEL, 200 USD/EUR;
  • The maximum amount to be accrued with the interest - 200.000 GEL, 100.000 USD/EUR;
  • Deposit period - Savings Account is opened for unlimited time;
  • Interest rate accrual - interest is accrued on the Savings Account at the end of every month. Interest will be added to the principal amount and then to the increased amount in the subsequent period.
Interest will accrue on savings deposits, or on current accounts.

Interest Rates (p.a.)

  lari_white USD EUR
Maximum interest rate 5 % 2 % 0.75 %
Minimum interest rate 2.5 % 1 % 0.25 %

The maximum interest will be accrued if you do not transfer money from the deposit during each month period starting from the opening of the deposit. Otherwise, the minimum interest rate will be applied.

If the interest accrued on the savings deposit is to be capitalized, the operations, which volume in money terms do not exceed the amount of the last placed interest income, will not be considered as debit operations.

Note: the bank reserves the right to change the interest rate for the Savings Account.

If you have a savings account with ProCredit Bank, you can now get a completely new type of card – Saving Card – giving you greater flexibility and convenience.

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