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Mortgage Loan

Mortage Loan with fixed interest rate

Real property is one of the important acquisitions, which requires reasonable investment.

If you want to create the desired living environment and you need additional funds to:

    Purchase and renovate an apartment

    Build and repair a house

    Purchase a premise under construction

    Purchase a landparcel

ProCredit Bank offers you the best conditions for mortgage loans for the period of up to 12 years. Annual nominal interest rate just 6%, effective interest rate - 6.5%. The loan can be disbursed in USD and EUR. For using this service you should have stable income and the saving, that is 20% of the total planned investment. For collateral the real property is required.

Enjoy the lowest interest rates in the Georgian banking sector and flexible terms and conditions on mortgage loans:

Currency - USD/EUR

Minumum amount - 50 000/ 50 000

Maximum amount - 220 000/ 200 000

Maximum term - 144 months

Income - Salary or Rent

Collateral - Real property

Down payment - 20%

When fixed interest rate is applied, interest on loan shall be determined individually. In such cases, the interest rate and the monthly installment is unchanged during the entire loan repayment period as determined under pre-set repayment schedule.

Clients can choose both fixed-rate and floating-rate mortgage loans.                          

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