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Home > Businesses > Remote Banking Services > Standing Orders

Standing Orders

If you make transfers regularly or on fixed dates, you have to visit a bank to make money transfers with the assistance of a bank employee, then ProCredit Bank Standing Orders is the right product for you.

With ProCredit Bank Standing Orders you will be able to:

  • Save time,
  • Make desired transfers in time,
  • Be at peace of mind because ProCredit Bank will take care of your standing orders

What is a Standing Order?

  • Standing Order is an instruction you give to the Bank to make certain transfers on your behalf at regular intervals or on fixed dates. 
  • If you make monthly transfers abroad, pay lease, pay taxes or other dues from the account or just make monthly transfers to a deposit account, insurance or pension fund, cable or communication companies– Standing Orders is the right choice for you

How can I use the Standing Orders service?

  • You must state the amount to be transferred;
  • Indicate your principal and/or additional current account;
  • Specify frequency (e.g. once a month or once in every 15 days) for direct debit of your amounts.
  • The amount to be transferred is not limited. Besides, at your request, the Bank will make full or partial transfer of the amount.

What do I need to enjoy this service?

You need to have a current account in ProCredit Bank and the sufficient balance on the previous day of the transfer including the Bank fee.


Tariffs for Standing Orders

Drawing up and registration of Standing Orders


Monthly fee for Standing Orders


Execution of Standing Orders

Commission fee similar to other transfers


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