Bank Guarantee

Bank guarantee is a document or guarantee issued by the bank which you give to suppliers, clients or consumers to certify that the bank will pay the amount specified in the document if you fail to meet your obligations on time

Guarantee Issuance/ChangeUSD 30 or equivalent in the currency of the guarantee
Commission feeNon cash covered - 4.8% p.a. Cash covered - 3.6% p.a.
Payment on request under GuaranteeGEL 50
Guarantee AdviceEUR150
Guarantee issuance0.15%, min EUR 150
Without confirmationNon cash covered - 3% p.a
Cash Covered - 2.5% p.a.
ConfirmationNon cash covered - 4.8% p.a. min. EUR 120 p.m.
Cash covered - 4% p.a. min. EUR 120 p.m.
Amendment of the GuaranteeEUR 100 p. amendment
Payment on request under Guarantee0.2% min. EUR 150
Other (additional charges)According to expenses
CancellationEUR 100