Service fees




Opening of an account (GEL/USD/EUR) Free
Flex Card Debit MasterCard registration (one card)Free
Pay StickerFree
Cash withdrawls via ATM in three currencies (GEL, USD, EUR)Free
Cash withdrawals via other bank ATMs in GeorgiaFree - The first three withdrawals a month
Every next - 1% min. 1 GEL equivalent.
Full package of Internet bankingSMS code registration (One)Free
Mobile Token registration (One)Free
Maintenance 2Free
GEL transfers via Internet Banking Free
ProPay transfers via Internet Banking 3 4 Free
Money transfers throughout ProCredit bank via Internet BankingFree
Utility payments via Internet BankingFree
SMS serviceFree
Telephone PIN codeFree
Standing orderFree
Account maintanance feeOne accountGEL 13
Two accountsGEL 16
Three accountsGEL 21

1. On Banking services that are not included in Active Package will apply the standart service fees

2. Registration of additional SMS code/ Mobile token services are available by standard servise fees. The total monthly fee - GEL 1,5

3. Transfers are possible if the recipient bank is a ProCredit Bank in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Germany. ProPay tranfers in Germany can be done only in EUR currency

4. Standard service fees will accrue on currency transfers via Internet banking 

standard service fees

Opening and Maintaining AccountUniversal Active Account / Active Account ServiceStandard Account Service
Opening a current account FreeGEL 10 1
Maintenance fee
for types of current accounts 2
Universal Active Account:
1 account - GEL 13
2 account -  GEL 16
3 account - GEL 21
GEL 2 for each client disregarding the number of account
Active Account Service:
1 account - GEL 10
2 account -  GEL 12
3 account - GEL 13
Monthly maintenance fee
for types of savings deposits 3
-GEL 10
Account statementIssuing up to 2 year period statement once in a month - Free
Issuing statement second time during a month - 20 Gel per year per request.
Statement dated more than 2 years period – 20 Gel per year.
Statement of closed account – 30 Gel per year 
CheckbookGEL 50

1. It is possible to open a single account for a private individual in GEL, USD, EUR; the client pays an account opening fee separately on the account opened in each currency. 
2. Free for those clients who have only deposit transit account out of current accounts that is related to any type of active deposit.
3. The commission fee applies to old-type savings deposits and My Piggy Bank deposits. The commission fee applies to clients who have no current accounts and/or who have no FlexSave savings deposits. The commission fee is charged to be paid by the client and no deposit balances are taken into account.

  Other Banking Services and fees