Switch to an electric car!

Published: 22.10.2019

ProCredit Bank now offering new financing opportunities for the purchase electric cars.

ProCredit Bank Eco-Mobility Loans, a new service for business and private clients, aim to encourage customers to replace their fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric cars. By doing so, clients can actively contribute to reducing their negative environmental impact. The electric vehicles available on the market today only need one full charge in order to enable drivers to comfortably reach destinations in and around the city as well as the surrounding areas.

Loans are issued in amounts ranging from GEL 15,000 to 90,000 with a fixed interest rate (nominal - from 10%, effective - from 11.32%). Eco-Mobility Loans are secured with the vehicle purchased.

ProCredit Bank continues to carry out strategic activities under the concept of eco-mobility. It is one of the first institutions in Georgia to start using hybrid and electric cars, thus enhancing its role in promoting sustainable business practices. Currently, ProCredit Bank is in the process of replacing the fossil fuel-powered vehicles in its fleet with electric cars and the necessary equipment.

By using environmentally friendly vehicles and developing the appropriate infrastructure, ProCredit Bank is raising the awareness of eco-mobility. It has been over a year since the bank's head office at 21 Kazbegi Ave made an electric charger available for public use. As a next step, ProCredit Bank plans to install additional electric chargers in the near future.

Find out more about the advantages of electric cars in the attached information booklet.