Changes in business clients service conditions

Published: 30.03.2018

Starting from 01/05/2018 the service conditions for business clients will change. In particular, clients of all business categories and institutional clients will use the “Business Clients Account Service”.

“Business Clients Account Service” unifies all major banking services and the monthly standard fee – GEL 30 is set for complex services.

Under the monthly standard fee that set for complex services, can do the following, at no extra charge:

  • Registration and maintenance of current account is GEL, USD, EUR
  • 1 Visa Business debit card
  • 2 deposit cards
  • 1 Telephone PIN code
  • Registration and maintenance of SMS, standing order and full package of Internet Banking (with DigiPass/SMS TAN-code/Mobile Token)

For the full information regarding “Business Clients Account Service” click the link.