Innovative Deposit Code Service for Cardless Transactions

Published: 20.07.2016

ProCredit Bank offers its clients a new cash deposit service – the deposit code. This quick service makes it easy to carry out cardless transactions at ATMs.

Deposit codes designed for those who do not use ProCredit Bank plastic cards, but who would like to deposit funds into their own account or the account of a third party.

The deposit code is a flexible and user-friendly system that enables customers to deposit large amounts of money into an account in one single transaction without using a plastic card. The service is available to ProCredit Bank customers and third parties.

A deposit code is a combination of seven unique digits and is:

√ Active for a defined time period and for a specific amount:

Maximum validity of a deposit code – 10 days

Maximum amount that can be deposited using a deposit code – GEL 100,000

√ Defined individually for each client.

Deposit codes allows you to deposit money into the current and savings accounts of private clients and the current accounts of legal entities.

Funds can be deposited by using a deposit code at the newest and most innovative universal ATMs.

This new service makes 24/7 Zones more multi-functional; therefore, our clients can take advantage of our flexible services any time of the day in a comfortable environment.