Pay Box

Pay Box allows to deposit funds into your own account or into the account of any other private individual's current account, term deposit, child deposit, deposit transit account, who holds a ProCredit Bank account.

By using Pay Box you are able to:

  • Deposit money in two currencies: GEL and USD
  • Get the service without extra documents
  • Deposit minimum payment of loan
  • Make utility and other paymnets

To use a Pay Box, follow these simple steps:

I. Identification of a depositor Private Individual
II. Select service
III. User identification
IV. Select a currency and account
V. Deposit money and take pay slip receipt

General conditions:

  • Maximum number of operations per day carried out for one client via the Pay Box system is not limited
  • Total amount of operations per day carried out for one client is GEL 10 000 for Nova Technology
  • Pay Box canaccept coins of 5,10,20 tetri
  • Pay Box cannot accept 1, 2 and 5 USD banknotes and USD cents
Pay Box Deposit Fees
ProCredit Bank branches


Nova Technology1% of the deposited amount